JTS Property Maintenance, New Roofs and Roofing repairs.

JTS Property Maintenance New Roofing and Roofing Repairs

Whether it’s new roofing, replacing a slate roof, pitched or flat roofs or asphalt JTS are able to help you, Your roof bears the brunt of the British weather. and a worn roof leaves the rest of your home at risk. A defective roof covering that allows water to penetrate could lead to costly problems with the timber structure if neglected and water penetration could also result in damaged ceilings and ruined decorations.

It's possible that you will not need a new complete roof if you discover a problem or experience a leak in your house roof. Possibly a simple and relatively cheap repair to your roof will be all that is required, our roofing experts will come and advise you about the options you have.

If there are more serious signs of deterioration on your roof may mean that the covering, be it slate or tile, has run the natural course of it's life and in this case a repair would be no more than a stop-gap exercise that usually just costs you more in the long run. The only sensible course of action in this case is to re-tile the roof.

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JTS Property Maintenance Roofing Services include New roofs and roofing repairs, including Slate roofs, Tiled roofs and Flat roofs in Holland on sea, Clacton on sea,Frinton on sea and Colchester areas.